Computer, files and online security fully analysed

September 22, 2019
Computer security measures, procedures, and controls which provide an acceptable
degree of safety of information resources from accidental or intentional disclosure,
modification, or destruction. Sub modules of computer security are as below.
A. Backup
Backup means having multiple copies of the same data so that the duplicate ones
can be used in case the original one gets corrupted or erased accidentally. Though
having backups may seem as a waste of time but they often come in handy when
one actually needs them. Backups must also be tested so as to avoid failure owing
to human or machine malfunctioning. Of the different media that can be used for
doing backups it is important to have effective, reliable and user friendly backup
software. Instead of having a backup of all the files, it is advised to have it for just
the most important ones.
B. Computer Viruses
Viruses are defined as ‘A section of code introduced into a program for malicious
purposes, e.g. at some stage the inserted code will trigger a process which will, for
example, eliminate files. The virus is present in a program, and when the program
is run the virus writes itself into other programs in main memory or backing store.
The effects of virus can thus be extended to many users’. There are many kinds of
computer viruses like Worms, Bombs, Trojan horses and Computer viruses. A
way to avoid computer viruses is always to test the software before installing it
and to avoid pirated software. Viruses can be spread through emails also. Some of
the most well known viruses are Bugbear, Klez, Lovebug, Melissa, Bubbleboy,
Code Red, Nimda. There are six recognized categories of virus as below:
i. Boot Sector Virus: Replaces or implants itself in the boot sector—an area of the
hard drive (or any other disk) accessed when you first turn on your computer. This
kind of virus can prevent you from being able to boot your hard disk. Eg. Disk
Killer, Michelangelo, stoned.
ii. File Virus: Infects applications. These executables then spread the virus by
infecting associated documents and other applications whenever they’re opened or
run. Eg. Jerusalem and Cascade.
iii. Macro Virus: Written using a simplified macro programming language, these
viruses affect Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel, and account
for about 75 percent of viruses found in the wild. A document infected with a
macro virus generally modifies a pre-existing, commonly used command (such as
Save) to trigger its payload upon execution of that command. Eg. W97M.Melissa,
WM.NiceDay, W97M.Groov.

v. Multipartite Virus: Infects both files and the boot sector—a double whammy that
can re- infect your system dozens of times before it’s caught. Eg. One_Half,
Emperor, Anthrax, Tequilla.
v. Polymorphic Virus: Changes code whenever it passes to another machine; in
theory these viruses should be more difficult for antivirus scanners to detect, but in
practice they’re usually not that well written.
vi. Stealth Virus: Hides its presence by making an infected file, not appear infected,
but doesn’t usually stand up to antivirus software.
• Worm
A worm is a program that is designed to replicate and spread throughout a computer
system. It will usually hide within files (for example, Word documents), and distribute
those files through any available network connections. Worms are often used to drain
computer resources such as memory and network access, simply by replicating on a large
scale. Eg. W32.Mydoom.Ax@mm
• Trojan Horse
A Trojan horse is a malicious program, usually disguised as something useful or
desirable. When activated, they can cause loss, damage or even theft of data. The critical
difference between a Trojan horse and a virus is that a Trojan horse cannot replicate
itself. The only way that a Trojan horse can spread is if someone helps it. Trojan.Vundo
is a Trojan. For example, saving the program from an e-mail attachment, or downloading
it from the Internet. Some common features of Trojan horse programs include:
a. Rounding (carving off small parts of payments from a large number of accounts or
b. Causing payment triggers (causing illicit payments to be activated),
c. Making configuration changes,
d. Distributing security information, providing unauthorized access paths (known as
backdoors and trapdoors).
• Precautions
Protection against Computer Viruses, Worms and Trojans are :
I. Run antivirus software recommended from the information security division of
organization and make sure that version is current and the latest.
II. Don’t open macros attach files from unknown email. Delete these attachments
III. Delete spam, chain, and other junk email without forwarding.
IV. Don’t download files or email attachments from unknown or unauthorized sources.
V. Scan a floppy diskette from an unknown source for viruses before using it.
New viruses are discovered almost every day. Up-date of anti-virus software should be
done only through designated sources, and do not trust any other sources for virus

protection patches. Common among these viruses are Trojan.Advatrix, Trojan.Sushpy,
Trojan.Nssearch, Bloodhound.Exploit.163, and W32.Usbwatch .
C. Passwords
These play significant role in computer security. Passwords should be complicated and
should contain both numbers and letters. The passwords should not have user’s name,
license plates etc. but some imagination should be used. Every computer user in an
organization has to observe good password security. Their password security can be
checked, however because once a user selects a password, the system administrator can
use a password checker to automatically check if the password is suitable. In a company
where there are several servers and networks in use. The user has to remember many
passwords. In this case the user tends to use similar passwords for different systems,
which in turn increases the security risk. Thus to avoid this access control packages that
includes passwords, logs, encryption and so forth must be used. By using such packages
it can be possible to avoid using many password systems. Vendor supplied passwords
should be changed immediately.
D. Data Encryption
Data encryption is a means of securing data by changing the meaningful text into some
code which looks like null and void to others. It’s a reasonably easy way to protect
information. The user has to remember the key and the software and hardware is secure
and user friendly. According to Hoffman there are 900 cryptography hardware and
software products on the market. The System administrator normally has access to all
files in an information system, therefore the administrator can be a great information
security risk, and the risk can be minimized, however, if the classified files are encrypted.
The administrators still do his work.
i. How does Encryption Work?
Encryption involves taking an original message or plaintext and converting it into cipher
text (unreadable format) using an encryption algorithm and an encryption key. Only those
who posses a secret key can decipher the message into plain text. Historically, encryption
acted on letters of the alphabet. The Caesar Cipher, one of the oldest techniques, gives a
very simple example:
a. Take the plaintext is Parliament is in session;
b. Encrypt according to the encryption algorithm ‘replace each letter with that X
places to the right of it in the alphabet’, where X, the encryption key, is 3;
c. The cipher text is sduoldphqw lv lq vhvvlrq and can be converted back to plaintext
with a decryption algorithm and decryption key, in this case ‘replace each letter
with that three places to the left of it in the alphabet’.

Computers store electronic data in binary form, as sequences of ‘bits’ (1s and 0s).
Modern algorithms are mathematical functions that act on these data with keys that are
themselves sequences of 1s and 0s. Keys are generally stored in computer files that are
themselves encrypted and can be accessed only with a pass phrase (similar to a password
but longer). We can see its working Figure 2. Encrypted messages can sometimes be
broken by cryptanalysis (coding breaking) but modern cryptography techniques are
virtually unbreakable, eg. Cryptography is to protect- email messages, credit card. Most
popular systems used on the internet are Pretty Good Privacy because it is effective and
 E. Biometric Methods
Biometric methods include those of voice, face, hand geometry, fingerprints, eye,
signature and typing rhythms as shown in Figure 3. When combined with good password
security, can give high information security but it needs high cost biometric instruments.

F. Off-Site Storage
Off-site storage means storing the backup files in a secure place. They should preferably
be encrypted. So many commercial organizations are available in the market, specializing
in storing ‘organization backup’. So there is no need to build one’s own storage facilities.
The organization storing the backups has to be extremely reliable.
G. System Backup
Most organizations think that system backups (backup of networks) are unnecessary
because the software is easily available from the distributors. On the contrary it is a nice
practice to have spare systems which are tested regularly.
H. Cold and Hot Sites
Cold sites are empty computer rooms with everything besides computers and
communications systems installed. For example, in case of emergency (fire, earthquakes
etc,) computer centre destroyed, it can be useful to have a cold site. Hot sites on the other
hand are fully equipped “spare” computer centers. These are recommended for
organizations with an extremely heavy reliance on computers. Spare computer centre can
be approximately 50 percent of the capacity of the original one. Both hot and cold sites
can be shared by many organizations.
Using plastic cards for accessing PCs can improve information security in an
organization. It is usually combined with the use of a personal code. Cards can be
provided with the photograph of the user too. A log in a microcomputer can register when
a card is used. To avoid unauthorized use of a card, lost cards have to be blocked
J. Disk-free Stations
Use of disk-free stations and passwords to access the server can minimize information
security problems in an organization where there are hundreds of PCs connected in a
network. By this only a few key persons will have authorization to copy information on
to diskettes.
K. Computer Locks
Servers should be provided with a computer lock in its disk station. The key to the
computer should be kept safe and must not be lost. The PCs are provided with an inbuilt
lock that can be used to shut them off.
L. Printer and Fax Security
Printers should not be provided with terminals if it is possible to take printouts of
classified material. Printers should be kept in locks. In an organization it is common that
many people share a printer. This means that the material printed out can be seen by
many people and if the printer is not kept behind locked doors. There can be considerable
damage. Another considerable problem with faxes is that the sender can easily dial the
wrong number by mistake. Managers should have their own fax machine. This naturally
implies that the managers are reliable enough and they do not use the fax for sending out
documents to a competitor.
M. Diskette Security
A diskette containing important information should not be sent by mail. Such a procedure
should be avoided since the diskette can be stolen, copied, or damaged during
transportation. Electronic data interchange should be used. Diskettes are stored properly
in a safe place and in an organized manner.
N. Rescue Diskette
Rescue diskette should include the most important utilities, in the case of a PC, especially
the .com, .dat, .exe, .ini and .sys files. The rescue disk can be very useful, when a user is
attacked by computer viruses. The rescue diskette has to be properly stored.
O. Distributed Systems, Outsourcing, Time Sharing and Remote Office
Distributed systems, outsourcing, time sharing and remote office are fairly new processes
in IT which bring new information security concepts. Distributed system means moving
from traditional large computers to open client / server systems. In distributed
environment every employee’s responsibility for information security increases. Time

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How to Activate 4GB Data With 500 on MTN

August 29, 2019

How to Activate 4GB Data With 500 on MTN

revisited all their data plans and as such users can now get a whooping 4G data for just 500naira.

Hey! Don't quickly dial *131*1# to check it cos I'll be putting you through the easiest means to getting it.

According to MTN:

People’s data needs have changed, we recognize that. Our customers need much more and we are delivering that for less,”

Also, remember that you can still get 10.4GB data on your Glo Sim and you can also borrow extra credit from AIRTEL with  0% service charge.

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Let's quickly see the steps to getting our own cheap 4G data.

How to Activate MTN 4GB Data for N500 

1. Purchase a new MTN Sim, Register and activate it.

2. Migrate to MTN Yafun Yafun (Default Plan).

3. Dial *131*1*1# then reply with 5 to get your 2GB for N500.

4. The data (2GB) will be doubled (4GB).

5. You'll continually get double data on any data you purchase for the next 4months.

6. Data is valid for 2 days.
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That's all on getting 4GB data for N500, do us well to drop your comments and share article with friends
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How to Activate 6gb for N1,000 On Glo

March 21, 2019
The grand master of data as the name implies. They offer good data offers and services for subscribers which almost all other networks can't follow up.

Today, i will be sharing with you on how you can activate 6gb massive data just for N1000 which i think is fair to some extent.

Glo has released another plan to surprise its customers on the network. The plan offers 1.2GB massive data for just as low as N200 only.
From research, the offer doesn't select sims as it works on basically all sims irrespective of the current plan.

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1GB for N200
Keeping this short, you can subscribe for 1GB for N200 on glo by dialing *700# and then select Option 1 and then option 1, again option 5, then option 2 and finally option 1.
After following this prompt you would have successfully activated the 1.2GB for N200.

6GB for N200
To subscribe for 6GB just follow this.  kindly note that its valid for 3 days. You should also note that you can accumulate it up to N1,000 for 6GB.
Check your account data balance with *127*0#
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Ways to Save Battery Life on Android Devices

March 18, 2019
Are you attempting to spare battery life on Android gadget? 
We all hate frequent charging. Battery reinforcement dependably matters now when we intend to purchase our new android phone. We all know without the battery, the phone is close to being useless or rather dead as all the specs wouldn't be put into proper and expected use.

Heaps of Android cell phones are out there in the market with great battery reinforcement yet sadly, they don't have perpetual battery life. So here are some basic hacks to spare battery life on your Android devices.

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Various elements have schemed to diminish battery life and perseverance in the course of recent years. More slender plans with less space for batteries, bigger and more brilliant screens, quicker quad-center processors, more programming that keeps running out of sight, and eager for power GPS radios all offer obligation. The move from 3G to 4G systems a couple of years back—especially of the LTE assortment—has likewise caused significant damage.

Ways to save your battery life
  • Dark or Black  Wallpaper save Battery Life
Indeed, its weird and strange but still very much obvious, dark wallpapers can spare the battery life of your Android phone. 
You might be wondering Why dark backdrop? — Because of most android phones in the market AMOLED screen which just lightens the hued pixels. What's more, dark pixels are dim, so the more dark pixels you have, or the darker pixels, the less power is expected to illuminate them.

  • Home Screens and Live wallpapers
A lot of individuals are utilizing home screen widgets on android phones, they figure it will ease up their work. In any case, it makes a heavy and bad impact on battery life. Since gadgets work uses more RAM and furthermore foundation procedure will affix depleting of your battery life. On the off chance that you truly need to spare your battery life abstain from adding gadgets to the home screen. 

Indeed, live wallpapers offer life to your cell phone home screen. Be that as it may, remember it's utilizing a great deal of battery life on the grounds that live backdrops make screen constantly dynamic and this expends battery. So go for ordinary still pictures as backdrops or as we previously said utilize dark wallpapers and spare battery life.

  • Turn Off Auto or Adaptive Brightness
Adaptive Brightness — sounds helpful element, yet don't put it all on the line.
All things considered, programmed brilliance is generally path more splendid than you truly need. It's smarter to physically set the brilliance to a dimension that is low however agreeable, and knock it up when vital. This is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to spare battery life on the grounds that the screens are one of the greatest battery suckers.

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  • Uninstall Apps Not In Use
Most users keep apps which they do not use and most of this apps run in the background which surely takes a percent of the battery life. Uninstall the apps to save more of your battery life and hence save more.

  • Turn Off Animations
Adjusting animations settings is another best alternative to improve battery life on Android gadgets. However, to change animation settings you need to get to "Engineer Options" — a choice that covered up inside in your Android settings. 

To go into Developer mode, go to "Settings>>About phone" and tap on "Manufacture number" a couple of times and after that return to the primary settings page to locate the enacted "Engineer Options". Presently go to empowered Developer Options, and look down to discover three alternatives to be specific "Window animation scale", "Transition animation scale" and "animation scale" and turn them off or reduce them as the case might be.

  • Use Greenify
Unlike some other outsider applications which guarantee to spare battery utilization on Android — Greenify is the confided in one. Greenify spares your battery life by pushing applications into a kinda hibernation mode and prevent them from running foundation until you revive them once more. Since a portion of the propelled highlights of Greenify works just on the established gadget — however still functions admirably on non-established gadgets as well and also dont make use of saver apps as they load your phone with ads.

  • Keep your device at the moderate temperature
Indeed, the temperature can control the battery life of your gadget. So recall forget to remain your gadget at moderate temperature — neither too hot nor excessively cold. 

These are around a few hints to spare battery life of your Android smartphone. In the event that you realize some other techniques to spare battery life do leave feedback in the comment box below.
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Latest MTN Free Browsing On Stark VPN 2019

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9Mobile Presents Free WhatsApp Chat

March 18, 2019
9mobile previously called Etisalat has now introduced a new and unique way for subscribers to chat, share, view and make calls on WhatsApp all for free which seems to be the first of its kind in Nigeria which I must say its unique.
ith the one of a kind offer, upon purchasse of their preferred data package, and using the code *200*3*1#, would be able to use their data for different purposes while enjoying their WhatsApp chat which is basically free.
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The offer is available to 9mobile subscribers on both prepaid and postpaid/hybrid packages including new and old subscribers on the network,
With the free WhatsApp offer, subscribers can connect more with family and friends; businesses are also not left out as business customers can also benefit from the offer as well.
9mobile free WhatsApp offer includes text, images, video and other multimedia content sharing, excluding voice calls, video calls and status updates.

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Speaking on the offer, Vice President, Marketing, 9mobile, Adebisi Idowu,
said the free WhatsApp offer affirms the telco’s commitment to rewarding its customers for their loyalty and providing them greater access to platforms that help foster closer relationships with their loved ones.

“You will recall that in our 2018 end-of-year message, our Acting Managing Director, Stephane Beuvelet, made some promises to our customers including the deployment of an array of innovative brand loyalty reward programmes this year.

This is one of such initiatives to appreciate our customers and to reinforce the fact that we are a caring brand that is always on the lookout for our customer’s well-being,” Idowu said.

“The WhatsApp offer is certainly a novel one as it allows our customers to put their data to other users while they enjoy chatting and bonding with friends and loved ones on WhatsApp for free.

“The offer also empowers customers to promote their businesses using WhatsApp as data which would have been used up on WhatsApp can now be used for other things with the free WhatsApp offer by 9mobile.

“This gives customers more value for their money. By doing this, we are fulfilling yet another promise to enable our customers do more without hassles,” Idowu added.

“Through an array of creative solutions and offerings, 9mobile has been at the forefront of providing platforms that empower and support its customers to achieve more via technology. Since its entry into the Nigerian market a decade ago.

The telco has consistently launched ground-breaking products and services that help individuals, businesses, and communities to grow and advance exponentially,” it added.
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Latest Free Browsing Cheat on MTN Via Webtunnel 2019

March 15, 2019
Recently the Hammer VPN cheat is currently closed to being blocked as the speed is no longer bearable but today i would be sharing with you guys today and the MTN Tweakware cheat is still very much available which you can opt for.
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The cheat has been confirmed to be working and the settings i would be taking you through right now.

  • Webtunnel VPN
  • MTN 0.0
  • Android Phone

  • First and foremost download Webtunnel App on your phone. Search and download in google play store
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  • Install your webtunnel and app and apply the following settings
  • Leave the username and password the way it is as touching any of the settings might affect the connection
  • On the "HEADER HOST" insert "" 
  • On the "PROXY HOST" insert "" 

  • On the "PROXY" insert "8080"
  • Select simple on the next button then click on connect.

That's all.
You can also follow the image below for more clarification on how to set the cheat. Do join us on our social pages below. We'would love to hear from you please leave a comment.

How to Detect and Remove Virus on your Andoid Phone

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Latest MTN Free Browsing On Stark VPN 2019

March 12, 2019

Hello guys good evening and today i would be sharing with you the latest Mpulse cheat. Lately we all know there has been a problem with the HTTP Injector, Eproxy and all other VPN apps that we use and recently a new MTN cheat has been discovered it only makes use of the stark VPN.

Also, do note that the Hammer VPN is still smoking hot and if you are yet to activate your  to see all the settings.
Also do note that the cheat powers all your apps

If you are new to MTN Cheat, stark VPN is an app which offers free browsing on SIMS based on the settings you apply to the App.

Stark VPN doesn't work based on root authorization as hammer VPN does. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about and I will be sharing with you guys all the setting you will need to start blazing the new cheat.

  • Updated Stark VPN config. || Download here
  • Your Android Phone
  • MTN Sim
  • An active mPulse Data

  • First of all, make sure you have an active working mPulse subscription. Previously i posted how you can get 1.2gb for N150. Check that out and make sure you subscribe.
  • Download and launch the Stark VPN i posted above 
  • Then go to tweaks, find and click custom

  • Click the "Custom" button with a red background
  • Find the connection mode and select HTTP

  • Locate server port and enter "8080"

  • For the post header enter ""
  • On the select Header line Type option, and select "multiline"
  • Leave the reverse proxy and input

  • Find your proxy port and input "8080"

After applying all the setting go back and click connect and minimize the Stark VPN and soon

app would connect and you will be able to browse free. Do leave feedback on our comment section.
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Latest MTN Free Browsing On Stark VPN 2019 Latest MTN Free Browsing On Stark VPN 2019 Reviewed by hitsloaded on March 12, 2019 Rating: 5
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