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December 12, 2018
we recommendn you always check for newly installed programme after someone uses your device(phone/pc) it is possible that they install a password tracking software

IT'S IMPORTANT TO proactively secure your social media accounts, especially since you never know when an innocuous mistake could put you at risk. But it isn't just a theoretical threat. Pranksters, vandals, and malicious attackers all look for ways to get into any legitimate account they can. So while you don't need to hide in a hole, there are some worthwhile (and easy!) steps you can take to keep your accounts from being hijacked.

Make the Most of Your Device Lockscreen
Set all of your computing devices to lock quickly when you stop using them so you have protection from physical attacks. This mostly applies to reducing pranks and blocking rogue toddlers, but it doesn't hurt for defending against more extreme targeting as well. And don't forget to use a strong passcode or biometric to guard devices. If the unlock code for your phone is your birthday, you're not making it that difficult for someone to break in.

Use a Strong, Unique Password and Two-Factor Authentication
Dealing with passwords and two-factor is the single most important thing you can do to lock accounts down—that's why you've heard it a million times. One of the easiest ways someone can get into your account is by acquiring leaked credentials, and trying those email and password combinations across on other services. That threat goes away if you use different passwords across all of your accounts. (To make that a little easier, pick up a password manager.)

And requiring a second code, or "factor," to log into accounts means that even if an attacker does get your password, they'd also need control of a second device—usually your smartphone—to break in.

To add two-factor authentication on Facebook, go to Settings > Security and Login > Two-Factor Authentication. Then enter your password to confirm that you want to make changes, and set two-factor to "On." From there you can set things up to receive second factor codes via SMS or, preferably, using a code-generating app like Google Authenticator.

To add it on Twitter, go to Settings and Privacy > Account. In the Security subsection, click on Review your login verification methods. After entering your password you'll land on a Login verification screen where you can make the same choices about how and where to receive codes.

While using strong, unique passwords and two-factor isn't foolproof, for most people the combination drastically reduces the chance that their social media accounts will ever be compromised.

Remote Control
Facebook has a few options to help keep on top of who's accessing your account, and where. Under Settings > Security and Login, you can see all the devices your account is logged in on, and where they are. See something you don't recognize, or a device you've lost track of? The right-hand icon gives you the option of logging out remotely, or reporting it as an imposter.

From there, scroll down to Get alerts about unrecognized logins, and turn it on. That way, you'll get a notification via Messenger, email, or Facebook that someone has logged into your account from an unrecognized browser. Twitter doesn't offer a similar function—all the more reason to make sure you've got two-factor on for it.

Limit Third-Party Permissions
Though it would be difficult for an attacker to take over one of your social media accounts through a third-party service that has some access, it's worth checking out what you've approved to ensure that there's nothing phishy in the list, and remove old plugins that you no longer need. You could have granted them permission to gather more data than you think. That's not a hack, exactly, but it's still invasive.

On Facebook, go to Settings > Apps and Websites to view and manage the outside services that have some access to your Facebook account.

On Twitter, go to Settings and Privacy > Apps to see and edit the list.

Check Device Permissions
Also check the permissions services like Facebook and Twitter have on each of your devices. You might have blocked Facebook from accessing your location on your smartphone, but accidentally allowed it on your tablet because you weren't paying attention. This data should be safe on accounts that are guarded by a strong password and two-factor authentication, but if you don't want a service gathering it anyway you might as well turn it off.

On Android, go to Settings > Apps, then click the upper-right menu icon, and tap App permissions.

On iOS go to Settings > Privacy to manage which services have access to which parts of your phone. And also in Settings scroll down to double check the permissions listed for each service you use.

You might also consider limit the amount of of personal data you put in social media accounts, so that if someone does break in—or if an advertisers or app accesses it—you've minimized the amount they can grab.

"When people say 'well, I put all this data out there on Facebook, what do I do to protect myself?' I tell them don’t change your profile at all, just change inside of yourself all of your political views, all of your tastes, all of your likes, and then they’ll have all the wrong information about you," jokes David Dufour, vice president of engineering and cybersecurity at the security firm Webroot.

Dufour also emphasizes that avoiding making accounts you don't need and shutting down old ones you no longer use are basic steps to get your accounts under control.

And that should do it! There's no such thing as perfect security, but at least you'll have the peace of mind knowing you did everything you could—and made it as hard as possible for hackers to get at your accounts.

Locking It Down
Your first stop should be to get a password manager. Here's why, and how
While you're fiddling around with your Facebook privacy settings, make sure you hit these up as well
Using two-factor authentication is great, but take the time to use Google Authenticator rather than SMS for that much more security

December 12, 2018

How to track a lost Android phone with Android Device Manager

If you have lost your phone don’t worry, it is often possible to get it back. With the free Android Device Manager tool you can locate your phone, seeing its position on a map so you can track it down

ADM also enables you to lock the device so that nobody will be able to see your data, and if you suspect it may have actually been stolen instead then you can remotely initiate a factory reset—wiping all your information and accounts so they are completely protected.

Android Device Manager is built-in on every new Android phone and tablet and it runs permanently in the background. So long as the device has an internet connection either through your SIM card or wi-fi, it is able to report the its whereabouts. Accessing the information that ADM is reporting is done via your Google account on any web browser—so even if you’re travelling when you lose it you still have a chance of tracking it down.

Activate Android Device Manager

ADM is rather hidden within Android. Go to Settings > Security and scroll down to Device administrators. Here you will see an option labelled Android Device Manager. Tick the box to activate the service.

That’s all there is to it. There’s nothing else to configure on the handset itself—the service will function as and when you need it.

Your phone’s position will be shown on a Google Map. It’s accurate to a few metres although does not update in real time so refresh the screen to see if it is moving.

If the phone is nearby—lost somewhere in your house, for example—click the Ringbutton. The phone will ring for five minutes at maximum volume (even if you’d got it set to silent). When you find the phone press the power button to stop it ringing.


If the device isn’t nearby but you think you may be able to recover it you can click the Lock button. This locks the device and replaces the existing lock screen. You can add a message asking the person who finds the device to contact you.


Alternatively, if your device has been stolen, or you don’t want to risk your data you can click the Erase button. This will completely wipe the phone by performing a factory reset.


If you’ve got more than one Android device you can install the Android Device Manager app on both of them and you’ll be able to track and manage one from the other.

If your phone is turned off
Your device needs a live data connection to be able to be tracked. However some commands, such as the Erase command, will be sent and executed the next time the device connects to the network. Obviously if the person in possession of the phone factory resets it there’s nothing you can do, although at least your data will not be compromised if this happens.

Android Device Manager (Playboard) | Android Device Manager (Play Store)

Track your phone
You can locate and manage your phone through any web browser. Go to www.google.com/android/devicemanagerand login to your Google account.

The device manager service will now launch and attempt to make contact with your phone. So long as the phone is switched on and has an internet connection it should be found within just a few seconds.

Yadda za a waƙa da wayar da aka rasa da wayar Android tare da Android Device Manager

Idan ka rasa wayarka kada ka damu, sau da yawa zai yiwu a dawo da shi. Tare da kayan aikin na'ura na Android na yau da kullum zaka iya gano wayarka, ganin matsayinsa a kan taswira don haka zaka iya waƙa da shi

ADM kuma yana ba ka damar kulle na'urar don haka babu wanda zai iya ganin bayananka, kuma idan ka yi tsammanin za'a iya sace shi a maimakon haka za ka iya fara aikin saiti na sake wanke duk bayananka da asusunka don haka ana kare su gaba daya .

Android Device Manager da aka gina-in a kan kowane sabon Android wayar da kwamfutar hannu kuma yana gudanar har abada a bango. Idan dai na'urar tana da jigon intanet ta hanyar katin SIM naka ko wi-fi, zai iya bayar da rahoto game da inda yake. Samun dama da bayanin da ADM ke bayar da rahoto anyi ta ta hanyar asusunka na Google akan kowane shafin yanar gizon yanar gizo-don haka ko da idan kuna tafiya lokacin da kuka rasa shi har yanzu kuna da damar yin la'akari da shi.

Kunna Android Mai sarrafa na'ura

ADM yana ɓoye cikin Android. Jeka Saituna> Tsaro kuma gungura ƙasa zuwa Masu sarrafa na'ura. A nan za ku ga wani zaɓi labeled Android Na'ura Manager. Tick ​​akwatin don kunna sabis ɗin.

Wannan duka yana da shi. Babu wani abu da za a saita a kan wayar salula kanta-sabis zai aiki kamar yadda kuma kana bukatar shi.

Matsayin wayarka za a nuna a cikin Google Map. Daidai ne ga ƙananan mita ko da yake ba ya sabunta a ainihin lokacin don haka sake sabunta allon don ganin idan yana motsawa.

Idan wayar tana kusa da ɓata a cikin gidanka, misali-danna Ringbutton. Wayar zata yi ringi na minti biyar a ƙimar girma (koda kuna so an saita ta a shiru). Lokacin da ka sami wayar latsa maɓallin wutar don dakatar da shi yana yin waƙa.


Idan na'urar ba ta kusa ba amma kuna tsammanin za ku iya dawo da shi sai ku danna maballin Lock. Wannan yana kulle na'urar kuma ya maye gurbin allon kulle da yake ciki. Zaka iya ƙara saƙo yana tambayar wanda ya sami na'urar don tuntuɓar ku.

sabon-kulle allon-ADM

A madadin, idan an sace na'urarka, ko kuma ba ka so ka hadarin bayananka za ka iya danna maɓallin Kashe. Wannan zai share wayar ta gaba ta hanyar yin saiti na ma'aikata.

Idan kun sami fiye da ɗaya na'urar Android za ku iya shigar da Android Device Manager app a kan duka biyu kuma za ku iya bi da kuma sarrafa daya daga wancan.

Idan wayarka ta kashe
Na'urarka tana buƙatar haɗin bayanan mai rai don iya sa ido. Duk da haka wasu umarni, irin su Umurnin Kashe, za a aike su kuma kashe su a lokacin da na'urar ta haɗi zuwa cibiyar sadarwar. A bayyane yake idan mutumin da ya mallaki ma'aikatar waya ya sake dawowa babu abin da zaka iya yi, ko da yake akalla bayananka ba za a daidaita ba idan wannan ya faru.

Android Mai sarrafa na'ura (Jirgiya) | Android Mai sarrafa na'ura (Play Store)

Biye wayarka
Kuna iya ganowa da kuma gudanar da wayarku ta hanyar duk wani shafin intanet. Jeka www.google.com/android/devicemanagerand shiga shiga asusunku na Google.

Sabis ɗin mai sarrafa na'ura zai fara kullun kuma yayi ƙoƙari ya tuntuɓi wayarka. Muddin an kunna waya kuma yana da haɗin Intanit ya kamata a samu a cikin 'yan seconds kawai.
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December 12, 2018

muna ba da shawara a kullun duba sabon tsarin da aka sanya bayan wani yayi amfani da na'urarka (wayar / pc) yana yiwuwa sun shigar da software na asirin kalmar sirri

TAMBAYOYI YAKE KASA SANYAR DA GARANTIN SUNIYA, musamman tun da ba ka san lokacin da kuskuren kuskure ba zai iya sanya ka cikin hadari. Amma ba wai kawai barazana ce ba. Masu cin nasara, masu ɓarna, da masu haɗari masu haɗari suna neman hanyoyin da za su iya shiga duk wani asusun da ya dace. Saboda haka yayin da ba ka buƙatar ka ɓoye a cikin rami, akwai wasu matakai masu dacewa (da sauƙi!) Da za ka iya ɗauka don kiyaye asusunka daga ɓoyewa.

Make Mafi yawan Na'urar Lockscreen

Sanya duk na'urori masu kwakwalwa don kulle da sauri lokacin da ka dakatar da amfani da su don haka kana da kariya daga hare-hare na jiki. Wannan mafi yawa ya shafi rage lalacewa da hanawa masu yarinya, amma ba ya cutar da kare kariya daga mahimmanci. Kuma kar ka manta da yin amfani da lambar wucewa mai karfi ko na'urar kwaskwarima don kare na'urori. Idan buše lambar don wayarka shine ranar haihuwarka, baza ka sanya shi da wahala ga wani ya karya.

Yi amfani da Faɗakarwar Gaskiya Mai Kyau, Kalmomin Musamman da Faɗakarwa guda biyu

Yin amfani da kalmomin shiga da mahimman abu guda biyu shine abu mafi muhimmanci wanda za ka iya yi don kulle asusun ƙasa-shine dalilin da ya sa ka ji sau sau sau. Ɗaya daga cikin hanyoyin mafi sauƙi wanda zai iya shiga cikin asusunka shine ta hanyar samun takardun shaidarka, da kuma ƙoƙarin yin amfani da hadikun imel da kalmar sirri a wasu ayyukan. Wannan barazanar ya tafi idan kun yi amfani da kalmomi daban-daban a duk fadin asusunku. (Don yin hakan kadan, karbi mai sarrafa kalmar shiga.)

Kuma buƙatar lambar lamba ta biyu, ko "factor", don shiga cikin asusun yana nufin cewa koda kuwa mai haɗari yana samun kalmar sirri ɗinka, suna son buƙatar sarrafa na'ura ta biyu-yawanci wayarka-don karya.

Don ƙara ƙirar matsala guda biyu akan Facebook, je zuwa Saituna> Tsaro da Shiga> Faɗakarwa guda biyu-Factor. Sa'an nan kuma shigar da kalmarka ta sirri don tabbatar da cewa kana so ka yi canje-canje, sa'annan ka saita nau'i biyu zuwa "Kunnawa." Daga can za ka iya saita abubuwa don karɓar lambobin factor biyu ta hanyar SMS ko, zai fi dacewa, ta yin amfani da aikace-aikacen samar da lambobi kamar Google Authenticator.

Don ƙara da shi a kan Twitter, je zuwa Saituna da Asirin> Asusun. A cikin Sashin Tsaro, danna kan duba hanyoyin tabbatar da shiga ku. Bayan shigar da kalmarka ta sirrinka zaku sauka a kan shaidar tabbatarwa ta shiga wanda za ku iya yin irin wannan zabi game da yadda za a karbi lambobin.

Duk da yake yin amfani da karfi, kalmomi masu mahimmanci da kuma nau'i biyu ba kuskure ba ne, saboda yawancin mutane haɗin haɓaka ya rage yiwuwar cewa asusun labarun kafofin watsa labarun za su kasancewa cikin rikici.

Control mai nisa

Facebook yana da 'yan zaɓuɓɓuka don taimakawa a kan wanda ke samun asusunka, da kuma inda. A karkashin Saituna> Tsaro da shiga, za ka ga duk na'urorin asusunka an shiga a ciki, da kuma inda suke. Duba wani abu da ba ku sani ba, ko na'urar da kuka ɓace waƙa? Alamar dama ta hannun dama ta ba ka damar zabin fita waje, ko bayar da rahoton shi a matsayin imposter.

Daga can, gungurawa don saukar da faɗakarwa game da logos marar ganewa, kuma kunna shi. Wannan hanyar, za ku sami sanarwar ta hanyar Manzo, imel, ko Facebook cewa wani ya shiga cikin asusunka daga mai bincike wanda ba'a san shi ba. Twitter ba ya bayar da irin wannan aikin-duk ƙarin dalili na tabbatar cewa kun sami kashi biyu a kan shi.

Ƙididdige Ƙungiyoyin Ƙungiyoyin Na Uku

Kodayake zai kasance da wuya ga mai kai hare-hare ya dauki ɗaya daga cikin bayanan kafofin watsa labarun ta hanyar sabis na ɓangare na uku wanda ke da wata dama, yana da daraja duba abubuwan da ka yarda don tabbatar da cewa babu phishy a cikin jerin, kuma cire tsohon plugins cewa ka daina bukatar. Kuna iya ba su damar izinin tattara bayanai fiye da yadda kuke tunani. Wannan ba hack, daidai, amma yana da har yanzu m.

A kan Facebook, je zuwa Saituna> Aikace-aikacen da Shafuka don dubawa da sarrafa ayyukan da ke waje da ke da damar yin amfani da asusunka na Facebook.

A kan Twitter, je zuwa Saitunan da Asirin> Aikace-aikace don ganin da kuma gyara jerin.

Bincika Izini Na'urar

Har ila yau bincika ayyukan izini kamar Facebook da Twitter suna kan kowane na'urorinka. Kuna iya katange Facebook daga samun damar wurinka a wayarka, amma ba da gangan ba izini a kan kwamfutarka saboda ba ku kula ba. Wannan bayanan ya kamata ya kasance lafiya a asusun da kalmar sirri mai ƙarfi ta ke da shi da ƙididdiga ta biyu, amma idan ba ka so sabis zai tara shi duk da haka za ka iya kashe shi.

A kan Android, je zuwa Saituna> Aikace-aikace, sannan danna maɓallin menu na sama-dama, sa'annan ka matsa izinin Aikace-aikace.

A kan iOS je zuwa Saituna> Bayani don sarrafa abin da sabis ke samun dama ga ɓangarorin wayarka. Kuma a Saituna gungurawa zuwa sau biyu duba izinin da aka jera don kowane sabis ɗin da kake amfani da su.


Kuna iya la'akari da ƙimar adadin bayanan sirri da ka saka a asusun kafofin watsa labarun, don haka idan


dynamics in izotope

December 11, 2018
What is Ozone?
A Complete Mastering System

Ozone is all you need to completely master your audio. Ozone 5 combines eight essential mastering processors into one complete system, letting you give your mixes a finished, full and professional sound.
Ozone’s critically acclaimed IRC™ (Intelligent Release Control) Loudness Maximizer gives you commercial volume and fullness without distorting or coloring your mix. Two independent eight-band Paragraphic EQs combine linear phase precision with the warmth and character of analog equalizers and even let you intelligently match your mix to reference tracks. Innovative multiband Dynamics, Harmonic Exciter and Stereo Imaging tools add depth and polish to your projects and because these modules are integrated in a single powerful interface, Ozone maintains the highest quality processing throughout the entire signal chain while also making the mastering process more efficient and intuitive than ever before.
What’s New?
Ozone 5 adds many quality and workflow improvements to every Ozone module, including new DSP algorithms and a wealth of visual tools to help you track and monitor changes made throughout the mastering process. Ozone Advanced includes additional processing tools in each module, a configurable Meter Bridge that can display relevant meter information in a separate, full screen window, and individual plug-ins for each of Ozone’s modules.
When you see a in the following documentation, this denotes a feature that is exclusive to Ozone 5 Advanced.
Key Features in Ozone
• Complete mastering system available in a single plug-in
• Includes eight essential mastering tools: Maximizer, two Paragraphic EQs, Dynamics, Stereo Imaging, Harmonic Exciter, Dithering, and Reverb
• Analog-modeled processing combined with linear phase precision
• Elegant, highly efficient user interface
• Extensive metering and visual analysis tools help you get better results
• Comprehensive preset system with over 100 professionally designed presets
• Module presets for mixing and matching settings between modules
• Integrated undo history with comparison tools
• User-definable signal routing
• Extensive automation support
• CPU-efficient and optimized for today’s low-latency DAW environments
Ozone 5 Help Documentation
• Supports sampling rates up to 192kHz
Highest Audio Quality
Ozone uses highly optimized audio signal processing to achieve the highest resolution and sound quality possible. All of the mastering modules in Ozone are specifically designed to work together. By carefully matching crossovers and other internal processing, Ozone eliminates phase and artifact problems encountered when chaining together separate plug-ins. In addition, the sound quality and characteristics of each of the mastering modules is tuned to complement the others, providing consistent and high quality results.
Ozone uses analog modeling to give each of the mastering modules a smooth natural sound. For example, the equalizer recreates the soft limiting exhibited by a vintage valve equalizer, while the harmonic exciter mimics the musically pleasing harmonic saturation of a vacuum tube component.
Whenever there was a choice of CPU vs. sound quality, we chose sound quality. There are easier (less CPU intensive) ways of doing some of the processing that Ozone does, but the sound quality can suffer. Since Ozone is meant to be used for mastering, you would typically only have one instance of Ozone running on the main bus of a session, or in a 2 track editor, which should allow you to utilize Ozone even on lower powered CPUs.
Powerful Audio and Visual Feedback
We wanted to provide visual feedback wherever possible. Your ears and your eyes can be a powerful combination when you're mastering, and each processing module is complemented with useful spectrums, phase meters, and level histograms. Each module also has switchable views that highlight different aspects of how your mix is affected throughout mastering.
We also wanted to make it easy to get audio feedback by providing extensive solo/bypass controls and histories with functions for A/B comparisons. The Alt-click function on the EQ is an example of this as well. Wherever possible, we wanted to give you new ways to really hear what you are doing.
Intuitive Design and Easy to Use
We tried to make Ozone as easy and intuitive as possible from including a complete set of mastering modules in a single plug-in system, to context sensitive help, to the little things like mouse wheel support. There is a lot of power in Ozone, but we think that in no time at all you'll be making the most of it and getting great results with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’re simply ready to take your productions to the next level, Ozone is the complete solution you need. Your mix isn’t finished until you put it through Ozone.
This help file is a quick reference for basic Ozone functions and controls. We have written a separate Ozone Mastering Guide that provides tips and techniques for mastering with Ozone.
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weighing in the laboratory

December 11, 2018

Weighing scale is very fascinating and interesting. These did not come
to existence overnight, they evolved from a barter system where units
were absent compared to the modern day standards. When the standard
units were accepted by businesses and governments across different
regions, an industrial revolution was set to begin and everyone benefited
from that. Today the old age classical weighing scales have become
obsolete but they served the humanity for a long time. In the modern
times, one can see the weighing scales ruling the industrial and domestic


At the end of this unit, you should be able to:
• identify different equipment used in laboratory weighing
• differentiate between a to top-loading balance and an analytical
• carry out simple weighing experiments in the laboratory.
3.1 Types of Weighing Balances
Here is a list of different products that you should know about.
Fig. 1.1: Iron Scale
1. The conventional wooden or iron scale was the oldest weighing
machine invented by man. It consisted of two containers attached
to each other through a pulley system. These weighing scales
were meant for domestic purposes and they often reported wrong
measurements. It was more of a weighing balance than a
weighing scale.
2. The next stage was the spring balance. A spring connected to a
fixed and rigid system that was used to weigh mass of objects by
hanging them with the spring. The spring will develop tension in
it and it will reflect a standard value on the rigid body attached to
it. The value will reflect the weight of the object in standard unit
of mass. Precision and accuracy were still missing in this case.
Fig.1.2: Spring Balance
3. The modern digital weighing scales are the third kind of
weighing machines invented so far. These are the products that
are electronically operated and display results very precisely.
They have many types, styles and weigh ranges. Broadly, they
can be categorised into two categories namely; Industrial Scales
and Domestic Scales.

Fig. 1.3: Digital Weighing Scales
4. Hydraulic Scales are used mainly in the laboratories and
industrial units. It made use of liquid displacement technique to
weigh the mass of heavy objects. The object placed on the top of
weighing panel displaces the liquid and the volume change
indicates the weight of the object.
Today, the weighing scales have changed a lot over a course of time.
Most of the modern invented equipments are precise, accurate and
minimize the errors while weighing. These weighing machines
constitute of electronic circuits, digital chips, electronic sensors and
motion sensors. They are portable, lightweight and easy to operate and
even an unskilled person can operate these devices.
3.2 Weighing
When mass amounts are specified in chemical procedures the following
terms are commonly used:
a. "Weigh out about 2g of ...... ". This statement means that you are
required to weigh an amount of approximately two grams. The
accuracy to which this mass amount needs to be known is not
high and the top-loading balance will suffice.
b. "Accurately weigh out about 0.2g of ....". This statement means
that you should, with the aid of the analytical balance, weigh out
an amount that is close to 0.2 g, but you must know the exact
amount to an accuracy of ± 0.1 mg. Note that this does not mean
that you must weigh out exactly 0.2000 g. An amount between
0.1900 g and 0.2100 g is perfectly acceptable. However, you
must know the exact amount to the nearest tenth of a milligram.
When weighing out triplicate samples, it is not necessary that all
three weights be exactly the same, indeed, it is poor procedure to
attempt to do so.

In this unit, you will be asked to make a variety of weighing. It is
important for you to realise with what sort of accuracy these weighing
should be made. Depending on the desired accuracy you should use the
proper balance to make your weighing. There are two types of balances
available to you in this course:
A. The Top-Loading Balance
The top-loading balance digitally displays a mass reading, in grams, to 2
decimal places. The uncertainty in a single reading on the top -loading
balance is 0.05g.
B. The Analytical Balance
The analytical balance is more accurate than the top-loading balance. Its
digital display gives mass, in grams, to 4 places after the decimal. The
uncertainty in a single reading on the analytical balance is ~ 0.0002 g.
You will use this balance if the experiment calls for accurate
measurement of mass. Never use the analytical balance if the toploading
balance will do. The analytical balances are usually located in
the “Balance room” of a laboratory.
3.3 Weighing on an Analytical Balance
Weighing is a frequent step in analytical procedures, and the balance is
an essential piece of laboratory equipment in most analyses. In spite of
this, weighing is a common source of error that can be difficult to detect
in the final analytical results. The procedure described here applies
directly to electronic balances; therefore, certain portions of the
procedure are not applicable to other types of balance. The weighing
procedure can be separated into three basic steps: planning, checking the
balance, and weighing the material.
3.3.1 Planning
The initial step is the proper to assembling of the equipment, such as
containers for weighing, receiving vessels, forceps, pipettes, spatulas of
proper size, and so forth. Use containers of size such that the loading
capacity of the balance is not exceeded. Make sure that the containers
selected to receive the weighed material are clean and dry. Assemble the
necessary chemicals if solutions or reagents are required. Preparation of
the material to be weighed is often necessary. The material may require
grinding or drying. Some materials may have been heated or stored in a
refrigerator. Materials must be brought to the temperature of the balance
before they are weighed. To avoid condensation of moisture,

refrigerated materials must be allowed to come to room temperature
before the container is opened.
3.3.2 Checking the Balance
In the next step it is important to remember that, unless the balance is
checked before each weighing operation is performed, errors can easily
occur, resulting in faulty analytical data. The balance user should check
the balance environment, calibration, and balance uncertainties. Do
not assume that the balance has been left in the proper operating
condition by the previous user.
3.3.3 Balance Environment
The balance is placed in a suitable location with sufficiently low levels
of vibration and air current. It must have a constant electrical supply.
The balance and the surrounding work area have to be kept neat and
tidy. It is good practice to use a camel's hair brush or its equivalent to
dust the balance pan before any weighing so as to remove any materials
that may have been left by the previous operator.
NOTE: Individuals must clean up debris, dispose of any spilled
materials or paper, and remove the vessels and apparatus used in making
the measurements.
When a balance is moved, it must be allowed to adjust to the
temperature of its new environment and be recalibrated.
3.3.4 Calibration
If necessary, turn on the power, and allow the balance to equilibrate for
at least 1 hour before proceeding with the calibration. (Microbalances
may require up to 24 hours to reach equilibrium). If the balance power
has gone off and then has come back on, as in a power outage, certain
types of balance may display a message indicating that the balance must
be calibrated before a weighing is made. If the operator touches the
balance bar, the message may be cleared and the balance may display
zeros; however, the balance will not give the correct weighing until it
has been calibrated. Electronic analytical balances have an internal
calibration system based on an applied load. The calibration applies for
the current ambient temperature.
3.3.5 Balance Uncertainties
Drift Reduction: Drift is one of the most common errors, and it is also
one of the easiest to reduce or eliminate. Balance drift can be present
without the operators being aware of the problem. Check the sample, the
balance, and the laboratory environment for the following causes of
errors, and eliminate them when:
• a balance door is open
• temperatures of the balance and the material to be weighed are
not the same
• the sample is losing or gaining weight
• the balance has been recently moved but has not been allowed to
equilibrate to its surroundings or has not been recalibrated
• air currents are present in the laboratory
• temperatures in the laboratory vary
• the balance is not properly leveled
• laboratory operations are causing vibration
• hysteresis of the mechanical parts occurs during weighing.
3.3.6 Rules for Weighing
• Do not handle objects to be weighed with bare hands. Use tongs
or paper towels if no appropriate tongs are available.
• Never weigh chemicals directly on the balance pan; use a glass
container or weighing paper or filter paper.
• If you spill a chemical on the top -loading balance, clean it
immediately. Never spill chemicals inside the analytical balance
enclosure. Keep the weighing chamber and weighing pan clean.
• Before using the balance, be sure that the pan is clean. If it is
dirty report it to your instructor, then brush it off with the brush
• Do not overload the balance. The maximum capacity of the top -
loading balance is 620g. The maximum capacity for the
analytical balance is 110g.
• Do not weigh hot or cold objects on the balance. Hot objects will
give erroneously low readings due to buoyancy of hot air, while
cold objects will give high readings.
• Check to be sure that the balance is leveled. It is level if the
bubble in the Level Indicator is in the centre while the balance is
“OFF”. Your instructor may need to adjust the leveling Feet.
3.3.7 Weighing by Difference to Overcome the Problem of
Balance Calibration Errors
How accurate are your balance readings? There is no way for you to
know. In order to overcome the problem of inaccurate readings due to
lack of calibration or miscalibration, chemists designed a method called
weighing by difference. It does not matter how far off each reading of
your balance is if you weigh your sample by difference.

For example: Weighing a solid sample by difference from a beaker: To
find the mass of the sample in the beaker, first the empty beaker is
placed on the balance and the mass is read. Then the solid is added to
the beaker and the mass of beaker with solid is read. The mass of the
solid sample is the difference between the two readings.
Notice that the weighing pan of the analytical balance is enclosed in
glass. This glass case is designed to protect the balance from
temperature fluctuations and air currents that cause the balance to drift -
that is, the digital display continues to change in one direction (up or
down). To make sure that the temperature of the air in the balance does
not change, keep your hands (which are warmer than the air in the
balance) out of the enclosure as much as possible, and keep the balance
doors closed.
Using Balance 1, a calibrated balance, the following masses are
Mass of Empty Beaker: 24.7423 g
Mass of Beaker + Solid: 26.7587 g
Mass of sample: 26.7587g – 24.7423 g = 2.0164 g
Using Balance 2, an uncalibrated balance (all readings are low by
0.5000 g) the following masses are recorded:
Mass of Empty Beaker: 24.2423 g
Mass of Beaker + Solid: 26.2587 g
Mass of sample: 26.2587g – 24.2423 g = 2.0164 g
Does it matter which balance, 1 or 2, you choose to use?
Throughout the weighing process you should protect the object you are
weighing from coming in contact with your hands by handling it with a
paper towel.
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Choosing Your OS and Modifying Boot Settings

December 11, 2018
Computers normally have a single operating system installed on them, but you can dual-boot multiple operating systems. You can have two (or more) versions of Windows installed side-by-side on the same PC and choose between them at boot time.

Typically, you should install the newer operating system last. For example, if you want to dual-boot Windows 7 and 10, install Windows 7 and then install Windows 10 second. However, this may not always be necessary — installing Windows 7 after Windows 8 or 8.1 seems to work.

The Basics
The process for creating a dual-boot system is similar no matter what operating system you’re dual-booting with. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

Install the First Version of Windows: If you already have a single Windows system installed on your computer, that’s fine. If not, install Windows normally. You may want to use custom partitioning settings and leave free space available on your hard drive for the second version of Windows.
Make Room For the Second Version of Windows: You’ll need available hard drive space for the next version of Windows. If you have Windows installed, you can resize the partition. You could also insert a second hard drive into your computer (if it’s a desktop computer) and install the second version of Windows to that hard drive.
Install the Second Version of Windows: Next, you’ll install the second version of Windows. Ensure you choose the “Custom Install” option, not the “Upgrade” option. Install it alongside the previous version of Windows, in a different partition on the same disk or on a different physical disk.
You’ll then be able to choose which copy of Windows you want to boot at boot time, and you can access the files from each version of Windows on the other one.

Install the First Version of Windows, If It’s Not Already Installed
Install the first version of Windows on your PC, assuming it’s not already installed. If your computer already has Windows installed on it, that’s fine. If you’re installing Windows fresh, you’ll want to choose the “Custom install” option when going through the installation wizard and create a smaller partition for Windows. Leave enough space for the other version of Windows. This means you won’t have to resize partitions later.

Shrink Your Windows Partition
You’ll now need to shrink your existing Windows partition to make room for the second copy of Windows. If you already have enough free space or you’re installing the second copy of Windows to a different hard disk entirely and it has available space, you can skip this.

Basically, this involves booting the existing Windows system on your computer and opening the Disk Management tool. (Do this by pressing Windows Key + R, typing diskmgmt.msc into the Run dialog, and pressing Enter.) Right-click the Windows partition and select the “Shrink Volume” option. Shrink it to make enough space for the other Windows system.

RELATED: How to Set Up BitLocker Encryption on Windows

If you’re using BitLocker encryption on your Windows system, you’ll first need to open the BitLocker Control Panel and click the “Suspend Protection” link next to the partition you want to resize. This will disable BitLocker encrpytion until you next reboot, and you’ll be able to resize the partition. Otherwise, you won’t be able to resize the partition.

Install the Second Version of Windows

Next, insert the installation media for the second version of Windows you want to install and reboot your computer. Boot it and go through the installer normally. When you see the “Upgrade” or “Custom install” option, be sure to select “Custom” — if you select Upgrade, the second version of Windows will install over top of your first version of Windows.

Select the “unallocated space” and create a new partition on it. Tell Windows to install itself to this new partition.  Just be sure not to select the partition containing the version of Windows currently installed on your system, as two versions of Windows can’t be installed on the same partition.

Windows will install normally, but it’ll install alongside the current version of Windows on your PC. Each version of Windows will be on a separate partition.

Choosing Your OS and Modifying Boot Settings
When the installation is finished, you’ll see a boot menu every time you boot your computer. Use this menu to select the version of Windows you want to boot.

Depending on which versions of Windows you’re using, the screen will look different. On Windows 8 and newer versions of Windows, it’s a blue screen with tiles with the title “Choose an operating system.” On Windows 7, it’s a black screen with a list of operating systems and the title “Windows Boot Manager.”

Either way, you can customize the boot menu’s settings from within Windows itself. Open the Control Panel, click the System and Security option, click the System icon, and click Advanced System Settings at the left side of the window. Select the Advanced tab and click the Settings button under Startup & Recovery. You can choose the default operating system that boots automatically and select how long you have until it boots.

If you want more operating systems installed, just install the additional operating systems on their own separate partitions.
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Conflict Perspective and security

December 09, 2018
Conflict Perspective and security

In the previous discussion of sociological theories be it at functionalism (macro-level) or micro-level (symbolic interactionism), a common assumption is that the social arrangement and interactional situations which govern social reality are a product of the people involved. They existence of social arrangement and some interactional, social situation that seem to favour some groups more than other is never questioned. Social inequalities in terms of access to and ability to use and control resources in society are accepted as given and unproblematic (Meighan, 1986). Even at that, conservative functionalists accept that social groups can have differences of interest resulting in conflict as a valid and necessary part of social discourse though they undermine the significance of such conflict in disputing the social order.

The failure of both consensus and action perspective to provide satisfactory answers to the question of inequitable distribution of resources or exploitative relationships preventing the society, makes it necessary to come up with an alternative theory of how to societies hold together and develop as way of showing how order and coherence in society are founded on conflict and the domination of some over others.

This new theory comes up from Karl Marx writings. The theory breaks
with the Durkheimian view of the primary society over the individual by focusing on the notion of power as the mediating factor in its concept of binary opposition and further opened the door to a number of other theories especially in those areas where the concept of binary opposition and the notion of power gave support. In the view of the Marx, the basic aspect of social order is to be found in the concept of binary opposition. Social order is achieved through a continual process of disputed interaction between men, of sectional struggles and of the imposition of order by those who win power (Meighan, 1986). Going by the Marxian Binary model, the conflict theorists demonstrate that though the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots or those who own the means of production and the forces of production are binary opposites, the notion of power mediates between each pair of opposites. This mediation occurs at two levels:
(i) It empowers certain individuals within a group to shape, direct and define the rules governing the conduct of the group members as a way of managing intra-group conflict and maintaining order.
(ii) It enables one group of people to successfully overcome opposition from other groups or even other individuals.
This way, all social arrangements governing the interrelationship between individual’s action and the structure of the society and all interaction situations are therefore subjected to a pervasive Hegelian dialectical analysis

There are many varieties of the conflict perspective within sociology as pointed out by Haralambos and Holborn (2000). They are united in the following ways:

(i) View society as a whole

(ii) Adopt a structural approach.
(iii) Use the notion of the existence of different groups that have
different interests in the society resulting in conflict.
(iv) They submit that social arrangements will tend to favour some
groups at the expense of others.
Just as it is with functionalists, the conflict theorists also inclined themselves towards the study of social structures and institutions.
As pointed out by Ritzer (1996) however, conflict theory represents majority a series of contentions that often contradict the views of the functionalists about social reality.

Several varieties of conflict theories thus exist, but the focus here will be only on three of such names; Marxism, Neo-Marxism and Feminism.

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Avril Lavigne Souvenir lyrics

December 09, 2018

Avril Lavigne Souvenir lyrics

“Head Above Water” will be the Canadian singer’s comeback album. Her first in 6 years. Her eponymous fifth album was released in 2013.
Avril revealed the artwork and official tracklist for her new album with this tweet

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Avril Lavigne Souvenir lyrics

December 09, 2018

Zhavia Ward will release her new single “100 Ways” on December 12th, 2018. The music video will premiere on the same dat. “100 Ways” is another song that will be part of the singer’s debut studio album. Zhavia rose to fame thanks to her participation on the first season of “The Four”.

The songs, mp3, videos and lyrics found on this site are the property of the artiste, or record label  who made them, and are posted here to Entertain people and further promote the the artiste, However if you as an artiste feel your content is being used with your consent please do well to contact us for further removal of such contents.
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Zayn Good Years lyrics

December 09, 2018
Zayn Good Years lyrics

I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
(Anywhere but here)
I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
(Anywhere but here)
I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears
(A thousand tears)
I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years
(All my good years)
All my good years
(All my good years)
All my good years
(All my good years)

The voices screaming loud as hell
(Loud as hell, loud as hell)
We don't care 'bout no one else
(About no one else, no one else)
Nothing in the world could bring us down
(Bring us down, bring us down)
Now we're so high among the stars without a worry
(Without a worry)
And neither one, one of us wants to say we're sorry
(Say we're sorry)

I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears
I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years
All my good years
All my good years

Too much drugs and alcohol
What the hell were we fighting for?
(Fighting for)
'Cause now the whole damn world will know
(World will know)
That we're too numb and just too dumb to change the story
(Change the story)
Neither one, one of us wants to say we're sorry
(Say we're sorry)

I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears
I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years
All my good years
All my good years

Need a chance just to breathe, feel alive
And when the day meets the night, show me the light
(Show me the light)
Feel the wind and the fire hold the pain deep inside
It's in my eyes
(My eyes)
In my eyes
(My eyes)

I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
I'd rather be anywhere
Anywhere but here
I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears
I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years
All my good years
All my good years

I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years
(All my good years)
All my good years
(All my good years)
All my good years
(All my good years)

The songs, mp3, videos and lyrics found on this site are the property of the artiste, or record label  who made them, and are posted here to Entertain people and further promote the the artiste, However if you as an artiste feel your content is being used with your consent please do well to contact us for further removal of such contents.
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kindly take your time read through and see what beat for you

December 08, 2018
kindly take your time read through and see what beat for you 

That makes it hard for you to keep track of your finances and your budget.

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This GPT site rewards members for various online tasks, like completing offers, taking surveys, or playing games.
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Make Money Instantly with These Task Websites
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Field Agent (review)
Field Agent is an app for iOS and Android users.
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Instead of traditional surveys, though, 1Q has you answer quick texts on your mobile device.
Most of the time, they’re just a few questions long that you can answer in a few minutes.
As soon as you complete a question, you can receive money to your PayPal account instantly!
You’ll have the choice between a $0.25 survey and $0.50 survey, with the higher paying surveys taking longer to answer.
When you sign up, be sure to fill out your demographic information in your profile so that 1Q can match you with opportunities accurately.
This site lists paid surveys you can take for cash.
There are also hundreds of offers to take part in that can help boost your earnings.
Shop online and earn cash back for more cash and refer your friends to earn a percentage of everything they make.
BankRollBucks has a few different minimum amounts for cashouts depending on the reward you choose, but if you want to get paid the quickest, you should go for the PayPal cash.
You only need $1 to use PayPal and can typically receive your money in a few hours.
Gigwalk is a workforce management platform that matches companies with remote workers in specific locations they’re looking to target.
As a “Gigwalker”, you’ll choose the tasks you want to complete through the Gigwalk app, available for iOS and Android.
Once you register your account and link your PayPal account to the app, you are ready to search for open jobs.
You can complete things like providing answers to questions about a company’s store displays at a specific location or take photos of products.
Once your completed Gig is accepted by the client, you’ll get paid immediately with PayPal.
Qmee is a background application that runs in your computer’s browser.
As you shop online like you normally would, Qmee offers suggestions for products relevant to your search.
You’ll earn money from clicking through on the advertisements and making purchases. You can also earn cash from surveys and referring friends to Qmee.
There are several options for cashing out your earnings with Qmee, but PayPal offers instant cash payments.
You don’t need to earn any minimums first, so you can cash out any time you earn money from shopping with Qmee.
Scribie (review)
Scribie pays you to transcribe short audio files, 6 minutes long or less.
You can work as much or as little as you want, so it’s great for flexibility.
Scribie pays between $5 and $20 per audio hour, depending on the complexity of the audio file.
You can also earn a monthly bonus of $5 per 3 audio hours you transcribe.
Scribie pays with PayPal once per day. You don’t need any minimum in your account to cash out your earnings, and your funds should show up quickly in your PayPal account.
So, you can work AND earn every day with Scribie for a consistent cash flow!
Are You Ready to Make Money Online Fast?
These websites won’t make you big bucks by themselves very fast, but you can optimize your earning potential by signing up for a few of the most appealing websites or apps.
If you’re consistent in completing paid offers or tasks for a small amount of time each day, you have the potential to earn money every day of the week with your PayPal account.
Good luck!
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lyrics:Lirik Kill The Day - And Then You Die

December 02, 2018
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Lyrics for 'And Then You Die' by Kill The Day

The lyrics for And Then You Die by Kill The Day are not available right-now, subscribes for further update on the lyrics.

Let's Stream 'And Then You Die' by Kill The Day

****Disclaimer: Music video and lyrics of the song Kill The Day - And Then You Die provided on this blog is copyright / ownership of the authors, artists and music labels are concerned. 

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music lyrics music you can always check us here fro latest music lyrics and entertainment gist are always here fro you music
lyrics:Lirik Kill The Day - And Then You Die lyrics:Lirik Kill The Day - And Then You Die Reviewed by hitsloaded on December 02, 2018 Rating: 5

lyrics:Lirik With This Fake - Gravity, Fall (feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed)

December 02, 2018
All music download links found on this site or the music itself is meant to entertainment,the are not originally written or recorded my us.if you feel your right is being abused as the owner of the song please contact us.

Lyrics for 'Gravity, Fall' by With This Fake feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed

we stray from the path
as everything around us collapse
and we fly across the sky
counting all the stars as we fall

they told us the direction
a way to self-destruction
walk among the familiar feeling
as our world is slowly sinking

and we slowly fade away
there's no reason we should stay
we fly among the empty wishes

as we slowly fade away
we have nothing left to say
we fall with all the lies

there is no color you show to us
an empty paper with ash and dust
we watch the sky you paint with lies
deceived and neglected, you write our demise

down with no motion, embrace them all
you watch us gone as gravity fall

we stray from the path
as everything around us collapse

and we slowly fade away
there's no reason we should stay
we fly among the empty wishes

as we slowly fade away
we have nothing left to say
we fall with all the lies

"don't you feel yourself start fading?
 and everything you build start crumbling
 as you walk out, forget them all
 gravity, fall"

there is no color you show to us
an empty paper with ash and dust
we watch the sky you paint with lies
deceived and neglected, you write our demise

Let's Stream 'Gravity, Fall' by With This Fake feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed

****Disclaimer: Music video and lyrics of the song With This Fake - Gravity, Fall (feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed) provided on this blog is copyright / ownership of the authors, artists and music labels are concerned. 

Entire media, including the lyrics of the song and video clip With This Fake - Gravity, Fall (feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed) is available on this site are for promotional and evaluation purposes. We also do not provide MP3 files on our server.

If you like the song lirik lagu With This Fake - Gravity, Fall (feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed) lyrics and the video clips, buy a cassette / CD / DVD, mp3 karaoke or code personal dial tone (NSP / RBT) to support the artist.****
music lyrics music you can always check us here fro latest music lyrics and entertainment gist are always here fro you music
lyrics:Lirik With This Fake - Gravity, Fall (feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed) lyrics:Lirik With This Fake - Gravity, Fall (feat. Yanuar Rizky of Undelayed) Reviewed by hitsloaded on December 02, 2018 Rating: 5
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